January 4, 2008

Download Hebrew X fonts

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To install Hebrew fonts for use in X (KDE, GNOME), follow the instructions below.

You can either download a free TTF font or install available fonts if you use Debian (or a Debian derived distribution).

A free TTF font that includes support for Hebrew glyphs.

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu however you can just try this command in a shell:

sudo apt-get install culmus xfonts-efont-unicode xfonts-efont-unicode-ib xfonts-intl-european msttcorefonts

Swatch multiple log files

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To make swatch parse multiple log files at once from a central syslog server use the following command from any bash compatible shell:
swatch -c ~/.swatchrc --tail-args '-q -f -n 0' -t "`find . -name *.20080104 | xargs`"

Of course you can substitute ~/.swatchrc with your own swatch config and *.20080103 with your own search criteria.

Good luck.