What is Linux?

When we say Linux, the majority means, contrary to expectation, the free operating system, but actually the full name is Linux ( GNU / Linux ).
The name Linux alone refers to the heart of the free operating system Linux ( GNU / Linux ) that is built under the idea of free software.
The ideology, idea and project of the free software project, GNU, started in 1984 by Richard Stollman, within thought that people should be free to use the software in all ways socially advantageous, in order to develop the society and to provide the people the most basic thing that they want, freedom. More on project GNU given and is recommended to read on the following website : http://www.gnu.org/.

Hebrew speaking users should visit Linux and Open Source in Israel.

Linux, the kernel of the operating system, was built from source by students and leading the group was a Finnish student, Linus Torvalds, from the university of Helsinki. Linus was interested in the operating system MINIX as alternative to Unix and decided to expand the standard of MINIX within adoption of license of open code GNU. The first development of Linux began on a domestic computer 386 of the same Finnish student by the year of 1990. With the prosperity of the software market and number of the software in the years 90 he developed also the operating system GNU / Linux. The operating system GNU / Linux at times served great as economic excellent alternative to the systems of these days.

Why GNU / Linux is popular?
Because of the the abilities of GNU / Linux it became popular all over the world and a tremendous number of their softwares took the source code of GNU / Linux, adopted it and adapted it for their purposes.
In this time that you read those lines, there are thousands of projects that use a version of Linux and the operating system GNU / Linux running on different hardware for different applications.
GNU / Linux is also popular with different groups : for computer freaks GNU / Linux is an alternative to the other systems and the freedom to choose and to test. For administrative IT GNU / Linux becomes popular because it provides many solutions, managable and integral with existing systems. For system software developers it is popular because it provides an environment of stable development is very and comfortable with Linux and libraries of development.
Come we will not forget that consolidation of GNU / Linux on open source and of course that the economic low cost of GNU / Linux are clear motives to the popularity of Linux.
The clarification of the concepts :
GNU, acronym of General Not Unix, project of the free software project.
Linux, kernel of the free operating system GNU / Linux.
GNU / Linux, when someone takes Linux and envelops it by the additional softwares and from rehabilitates, receive the operating system GNU / Linux.
A distribution of GNU / Linux, when someone takes the operating system GNU / Linux, puts it on media and adds an installation program then you receive a distribution of GNU / Linux.

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